No matter the type of diamond rings you are aiming for, they are all held into place by a setting. This is especially true for an engagement ring. A setting mainly works on two levels. Its job is to adequately highlight the supreme beauty of the diamond and also to sufficiently protect it from any form of damage. The type of protection the diamond gets depends on the type of setting selected. Here are some common types of settings:

  • Prong: Here, the diamond is held into place by using four to even six prongs which are very narrow supports made up of metal. When these prongs are used for securing a single stone, then it is called a Solitaire. There are a lot of variations which come with the prong-like the cathedral setting which comes with slopes that extend out into the ring band from each of the prongs so as to protect the diamond even more. For example A diamond solitaire being readied for an engagement ring will come in a stylish platinum six-prong setting.


  • Bezel: This style of engagement ring comes with a very thin metal strip that is hammered and pushed around the gem so as to hold it in one place. This Bezel setting is great for providing amazing protection to the central diamond.


  • Halo: In here tiny diamonds surround the center stone. This type of setting adds more sparkle to the ring overall and makes the center stone look much bigger. Apart from the setting itself, you can add side stones to the ring to add more elegance and sophistication. Many popular choices come with a pavĂ© or channel set diamonds all along the shank of the ring. Others include colored gems, diamond baguettes on the side of the center stone etc.

While you are looking at diamonds, it’s time to consider the following factors before buying it:

  • Lighting conditions: A diamond looks different in various different kinds of lighting. So if you put it under candlelight, sunlight, spotlighting and such; it will look different under each. This is because of the facets of a diamond act like real tiny mirrors which reflect the light present in their surroundings. So when finalizing on a stone, make sure that you look at it under normal lighting before buying.


  • Size and Sparkle: Diamonds which are of similar clarity and color should have a cut which compliments its sparkle. If you pick a round brilliant diamond which comes with a ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ cut them it is sure to sparkle a lot. Also, the more diamonds that a ring has, the more it will sparkle.
  • A ring which suits your partner’s style: If you are out shopping for an engagement ring them make sure that while buying you think of what your partner would like to wear every day. So you should ideally put your views aside and find out their preference. You can just straight up ask them or opt for other tactics like observing what they like, asking close friends and such.

These steps will help you figure out the perfect engagement ring for your partner so that you get the best to surprise them with.