If you want to know whether you should go for a group wine tour or on a self-guided tour to a vineyard then a small group wine tour can be a perfect choice for you in several ways. You do not need to be an expert or professional to go to a vineyard but if you have some basic knowledge about wine then it can add more fun in the experience of the wine tour. There are lots of reasons that you should go for a group wine tour and some of them are mentioned here:

Professional tour guiding

If you choose to go on a group wine tour then your group will be guided by the professional and experienced guide who can help you in finding out the itinerary that fits your schedule and also help you with the wide selection of wineries for a better experience. You can also opt for the small group wine tour so that you can enjoy your tour in the best effective manner and able to stop at historic sites, restaurants, and other scenic designations.

Better for special occasions

The group wine tour is the best option for special events and for a great vacation. Whether you are celebrating a wedding shower or there is any other occasion then a group wine tour can make the occasion more memorable. You and your guest can enjoy the tour in an effective manner and able to experience something new.


Wine tours are generally a safe option to select because these tours are fully insured and licensed. If you choose to drive then make sure that you do not overindulge in the wine testing. On the other hand, if you choose to hire the wine tour services then the expert drivers of the tour can do the driving on your behalf so that you can enjoy the wine in the best way.

Various designations

If you go for the self-guided tour then it is essential that you have proper knowledge about the variety of wineries so that you can enjoy the tour. But on the other hand, if you choose to go for small group wine tour then the tour guide can help you to visit the right wineries and also helps you to make your tour memorable and meaningful. Winery Tours Marlborough
Save time and money

If you think that choosing the group tour is wastage of money then it is not true because the experts of group tours are familiar with the area and help you in a best effective manner to make your tour memorable. By choosing the group wine tour, you do not end up wasting time and fuel and it can increase your excitement of the tour. So, a wine tour is a better option for people who want to relax and enjoy their wine tour. It becomes very easy for you to enjoy the services of professionals for small group wine tours and they can help you to visit the best wineries to make your day memorable.