You must have seen an opera or a play before and you must be marveled by the beauty of the show. You got impressed by the smoothness and elegance of the show and how dramatic it comes out to be. Well, the beauty and perfection in that show is something which is added by the lighting and its arrangement. You may know that theatrical performance or stage performances are mainly depended on stage lighting.

You may be wondering what is the need for stage lighting in live performance when stage lighting is developed to make stage visible. The audience should be able to see all the movements, expressions and flow of the player. High-Quality lighting provides good visibility and is able to capture the atmosphere as well as essence.

There are 4 main functions of the stage lightings-

Visibility- as told earlier visibility is the main reason why stage lighting is needed in events. Management and arrangement of the stage light in a manner that it could make everything clear and visible is the main function of it.

Motivation– for good mood and setting stage lighting should be natural. No matter whatever it is –a daylight or night scene, the lighting should look normal and natural. It is important that lighting is suitable to the context of the performance or show.

Composition- it is an element of the scenic design and its composition enhance the visual as well as artistic part of the performance. It comprises blocking which will put the performer in the right spot- where and when everything is necessary and needed.

Mood- the stage lighting must be able to build up the particular atmosphere or mood. Whether it is cheerful, dark, dramatic, or tragedy such a mood must be expressed from the play of light. Mood can be created via a combination of the amount of light, motivation, and composition.

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